Warum scharrt dein Hund nach dem Geschäft?

Why does your dog paw at the store?

Why does your dog paw at the store?

If your dog has to paw or scratch after business, there are several reasons. This behavior is a fascinating mix of instinctive behavior, communication and territorial marking.

1. Instinctive behavior

Pawing and scratching after business is an instinctive behavior that dates back to your dog's wild ancestors. Wolves and wild dogs pawed at the droppings to hide their tracks from predators and competitors. By covering the excrement with soil, they could also prevent the smell from betraying their presence in an area. This behavior has been passed down through generations and can still be observed in many dogs.

2. Territorial behavior

Pawing and scratching is also an important part of your dog's territorial behavior. Dogs have glands on their paws that secrete an individual smell. When your dog paws after business, he spreads this individual smell throughout the area and thus marks his territory. It's his way of saying, "Here I am, this is my territory!" This behavior not only serves to warn other dogs of its territory, but also to attract potential mates.

3. Communication

In addition to marking territory, scratching and scratching also serve as a form of communication. By spreading its unique scent around the area, your dog leaves a message for other dogs in the area. The smell and tracks your dog leaves behind provide information to other dogs that he is nearby, which route he took, and his health status. In this way, a kind of "social network" can be created among the dogs in an area.


It's fascinating to see how much about your dog's instinctive behaviors and communication methods can be revealed by a simple act like pawing after business. The next time your dog paws at the store, you now know that he is not only trying to hide his poop, but that he is also communicating with other dogs and marking his territory.