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Can dogs eat ice cream? A look at popsicles

Can dogs eat ice cream? A look at popsicles
Many dog ​​owners wonder whether they can treat their beloved four-legged friends to a delicious cool down in the form of ice cream on hot summer days. But are dogs even allowed to eat ice cream?
Before you give your dog a scoop of ice cream or allow him to lick your popsicle, know that not all types of ice cream are suitable for dogs.
In this context, it is important to understand which types of ice are safe for dogs and which should be avoided to ensure that your dog stays safe and healthy even on hot days.

What can dogs eat?

Dogs need a balanced and healthy diet to stay healthy. It is best if dogs are fed high-quality dog ​​food that contains all the necessary nutrients. In addition to dog food, dogs can also be given fruit, vegetables and meat as treats. However, there are also foods that dogs should not eat, such as chocolate, onions or garlic, as they can be poisonous. It is important that you inform yourself about what your dog can and cannot eat.

Can dogs eat ice cream?

Ice cream is a popular treat, especially on hot days. But is it safe for dogs to eat ice cream? Ice itself is not toxic to dogs, but it can cause some problems. For example, ice can cause constipation or an upset stomach. It's also possible for popsicles to become a choking hazard for dogs. It's best if you don't give your dog large amounts of ice cream and always keep him under observation when he eats it.

Can dogs eat popsicles?

Popsicles are popular with many people, but are they safe for dogs? Popsicles pose a choking hazard because they can get stuck in the dog's throat. If you want to offer your dog a popsicle, make sure it is small and that your dog eats it slowly. You should also always keep your dog under observation when he is eating popsicles.

Do dogs like dog popsicles?

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Many dogs love popsicles, especially when it's warm outside. Most are made with super delicious ingredients and the incredible texture of the treats will help your four-legged friend cool down. Every four-legged friend has their own preferences, so you may need to experiment with different recipes and flavor profiles to find an ice cream that's suitable for dogs. Some dogs just don't like popsicles - especially those who aren't adventurous eaters. You just have to try it and find out!

Why do dog owners give their dogs popsicles?

Some dog owners think popsicles are a safe way to cool down their dogs on hot days. Popsicles are easily accessible and can be made quickly and easily. Some dog owners also give their dogs popsicles to discourage them from chewing on other things.

Can popsicles be dangerous for dogs?

Popsicles can actually be dangerous for dogs. One reason for this is that the ice cream often contains ingredients such as sugar, dairy, or other flavors that can be harmful to dogs. For example, sugar can lead to obesity and dental problems. Dairy products can cause lactose intolerance and digestive problems in dogs. Additionally, popsicle sticks can be dangerous if a dog accidentally chews on them and swallows pieces.

Can dog popsicles cause health problems?

Popsicles can also cause health problems in dogs. If a dog ingests too many popsicles too quickly, it can cause stomach problems such as bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting. Another problem is the fact that popsicles are often made from tap water, which can be contaminated with chemicals and contaminants. These contaminants can cause health problems in dogs.

What are safe alternatives to popsicles?

There are some safe alternatives to popsicles that can provide your dog with refreshment on hot days. One option is to give your dog frozen fruit like bananas, blueberries, or watermelon. These fruits are safe for dogs and contain many vitamins and nutrients that are good for their health. Another option is to give your dog special dog ice cream. This ice cream is made specifically for dogs and contains no ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

Can dogs eat ice cubes?

Some pet owners wonder whether ice cubes are safer than popsicles. Ice cubes are safer than popsicles because they do not pose a choking hazard. However, ice cubes can still cause problems if eaten too quickly. It's best to give your dog ice cubes in small amounts and always keep him under observation when he eats them.

13 Dog Popsicle Recipes: Frozen Treats for Your Furry Friend

Watermelon, popsicle

Here are 13 different recipes for homemade treats for your furry friend. With the different flavors you can conjure up the perfect treat for your four-legged friend's palate.

1. Peanut Butter Banana Popsicles for Dogs

These peanut butter banana sundaes are easy to make with ingredients you probably already have on hand. You can also swap the banana for pumpkin puree if your dog isn't a banana fan.


  • Dog Safe Peanut Butter
  • Plain dog-friendly yogurt or a dog-safe, dairy-free alternative
  • Bananas


  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
  2. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays or paper cups and freeze for at least 4 hours.
  3. Remove the popsicles from the paper cups and serve!

2. Strawberry Banana Popsicles

If your pet is a fan of fruity flavors, they are sure to love these strawberry banana sundaes. If using an icicle mold for this recipe, use a dog biscuit instead of a traditional popsicle stick, as these can pose a choking hazard for our furry friends.


  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Easy dog ​​friendly yogurt
  • Dog biscuits (optional)


  1. Freeze the sliced ​​bananas and strawberries in advance.
  2. Mix all ingredients together until smooth.
  3. Pour the mixture into the popsicle molds and freeze for about 30 minutes.
  4. Place the dog biscuits into the partially frozen Popsicles and continue freezing until solid.
  5. Bon appetit!

3. Two-ingredient cantaloupe ice cream

Is your dog crazy about a melon? You can't go wrong with this warm cantaloupe ice cream for dogs (and possibly humans too). If your dog isn't a fan of melon, you can also replace the melon with frozen blueberries or strawberries.


  • Ripe cantaloupe
  • Easy dog ​​friendly yogurt


  1. Cut the melon into quarters, making sure to remove the rind and seeds. Freeze the melon pieces for at least two hours.
  2. Place the frozen melon and yogurt in a food processor and puree until combined.
  3. If the mixture is too thick, add a little cold water.
  4. Freeze the mixture until solid and serve.

4. Watermelon Dog Treats

Your dog is sure to love these refreshing watermelon treats. If your dog is sensitive to dairy products, you can leave out the yogurt: the treats can still be frozen, they just have a thinner consistency than the treats with yogurt.


  • Watermelon
  • Easy dog ​​friendly yogurt


  1. Cut the seedless watermelon into small pieces.
  2. Place melon and yogurt in a blender and puree until smooth.
  3. Pour the treats into the mold of your choice or into an ice cube tray.
  4. Freeze the mixture until solid and serve! The watermelon can be replaced with any other dog-safe fruit.

5. Peanut Butter Berry Pops

These peanut butter berry pops are super easy to make and have a creamy consistency that some dogs go crazy for. If you don't have a mold or ice cube tray, you can also pour the mixture into your dog's KONG to make a fun frozen filling.


  • Easy dog ​​friendly yogurt
  • Bananas
  • Dog Safe Peanut Butter
  • Frozen blueberries
  • milk or water
  • honey (optional)


  1. Puree yogurt, bananas, blueberries and peanut butter.
  2. Add a splash of milk or water and the honey. Puree until everything is smooth.
  3. Pour the mixture into a mold, KONG or ice cube tray.
  4. Freeze for at least 2 hours or until firm.
  5. Serve the treats or store them in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 4 weeks.

6. Watermelon Carrot Pupsicles

If your dog prefers something savory with a little sweet, these Watermelon Carrot Popsicles are undoubtedly worth considering. The two-ingredient dog treats are made without dairy products and are therefore also a good choice for four-legged friends with sensitive stomachs.


  • Carrots
  • Watermelon


  1. Cut the watermelon into small pieces. Cut the carrots into small pieces.
  2. Puree the carrots in a blender until finely chopped.
  3. Add the watermelon and puree until smooth.
  4. Pour into molds or ice cube trays.
  5. Freeze until solid and serve.

7. Lactose Tropical Treats

If your best buddy is lactose sensitive, try these tropical popsicles. An ice cube tray works well for these treats, but you can also use a bone-shaped mold for extra points. You should definitely treat yourself to these refreshing treats made from watermelon and pineapple!


  • Watermelon
  • pineapple
  • A small splash of coconut milk or water


  1. Place the sliced ​​watermelon in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Add the sliced ​​pineapple and mix.
  3. For a smoother consistency, you can mix in a little coconut milk.
  4. Pour the mixture into a mold or ice cube tray.
  5. Freeze until solid and serve.

8. Fruit and Vegetable Pupsicles

These sweet and savory pupsicles contain broth and beef liver that your best buddy will love. Be especially careful when handling raw meat and serve the ice cream outside to avoid leaving residue on the floor. Your furry friend will love these frozen gourmet treats with parsley, hearts and berries all in one piece.


  • Dog friendly broth
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Chopped parsley (use parsley sparingly - too much of it is not suitable for your four-legged friend)
  • Diced beef liver
  • Baby carrots


  1. Place blueberries, strawberries, parsley, and beef liver in ice cube trays.
  2. Pour broth over the mixture.
  3. Add the baby carrots to form an “ice stick”.
  4. Freeze the molds until frozen solid, about 4 hours.
  5. Serve the Popsicles outside.

9. Bone broth popsicles

This ice cream recipe may take a little more time than the others on our list, but it's a real breeze. The formula contains nutritious kale and fibrous apple chips to keep your dog feeling good.

The maw sticks can be swapped out for bully sticks or other large treats if you don't have them on hand. These Popsicles are large, so they're also suitable for big best buddies.


  • Animal-friendly bone broth
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Sliced ​​strawberries
  • Dog-safe freeze-dried apple chips, broken into small pieces
  • Chopped Kale


  1. Half fill an icicle mold with bone broth.
  2. Add blueberries, strawberry slices, crushed apple chips, and chopped kale.
  3. Insert a maw stick into the center of each shape to form a stick.
  4. Freeze until firm and serve.

10. Savory Chicken Pupsicles

These Chicken Pupsicles are packed with antioxidant-rich berries and cooked chicken for your furry family member. For these large treats you will need an icicle mold. However, you can also use a carrot, a piece of celery, or another tall, dog-safe vegetable instead of a popsicle stick. Your four-legged friend will feel very pampered after eating these balanced treats.


  • Animal-friendly chicken broth
  • Cooked, unseasoned chicken cut into small pieces
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Carrot or celery as “sticks”.


  1. Place the berries and cooked chicken pieces in the bottom of the mold so that they fill about half of the mold.
  2. Fill the mold with pet-friendly broth.
  3. Insert a carrot or celery stick into the center of the ice cube tray.
  4. Freeze until firm and serve.

11. Frozen blueberry treats

Another recipe from Peel with Zeal, these frozen blueberry ice cream chips are perfect for your furry friend and are made with just three ingredients. The frozen bananas give these treats a creamy consistency that your four-legged friend will love. You can also make this recipe with frozen strawberries.


  • Frozen blueberries
  • Easy dog ​​friendly yogurt
  • banana


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree until smooth.
  2. Pour into molds or an ice cube tray and freeze until solid.
  3. Serve it spot!

12. Peanut butter pumpkin popsicles

Plain pumpkin is high in fiber and is highly valued by our furry friends. These irresistible treats keep your dog cool and can be paired with a dog biscuit for the full Popsicle experience. Plus, you can make this ice cream without a mixer or food processor, so you can enjoy it with your best friend even on vacation.


  • Mashed banana
  • Easy Pumpkin Puree (NO Pumpkin Pie Filling)
  • Dog Safe Peanut Butter
  • milk or water
  • Dog biscuits (optional)


  1. Combine banana, pumpkin, peanut butter and milk and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour the mixture into the popsicle molds.
  3. Add a dog biscuit to the center of the pan to form a "stick."
  4. Freeze until solid and serve.

13. Spicy Beef Popsicles

If your dog prefers savory to sweet, he'll love these frozen beef sundaes. They may not be the most aesthetically pleasing treats, but your four-legged friend will love the taste of these treats. You will need to allow some time to cook the beef mixture. But the effort is definitely worth it for your four-legged friend.


  • Ground beef
  • Peas
  • Water


  1. Combine the raw beef, peas, and water in a food processor and puree until smooth. Continue adding water until the mixture reaches the desired consistency.
  2. Place the mixture in a pot and cook on high until it boils.
  3. Reduce the heat to medium and let it simmer slowly for about an hour.
  4. Remove the pot from the heat and let the mixture cool for about an hour.
  5. Pour the mixture into plastic cups, molds, or ice cube trays and freeze until solid.
  6. Serve these tasty treats!


In summary, dogs can eat ice cream, but caution is advised. Ice cream can cause constipation and stomach upset, and popsicles can pose a choking hazard. Dog owners should also make sure that the ice cream does not contain any ingredients that can be harmful to dogs. However, there are alternatives such as frozen fruit or special dog ice cream that are safe and healthy for dogs. Ultimately, it's important for dog owners to educate themselves about what their dogs can eat and monitor their consumption of ice cream and other treats.

Further links and information

There are some reputable sites where you can find out whether dogs can eat ice cream. Some recommended sites include the website of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA - https://www.aspca.org/ ), the website of the American Kennel Club (AKC - https://www.akc.org / ) and the PetMD website ( https://www.petmd.com/) . When researching on the Internet or other sources, it is important to pay attention to reputable sources and compare them carefully in order to make an informed decision. However, the best and safest way to find out whether your dog can eat ice cream or not is still to go to the vet and consult in person.